Basement Insulation

A Simple, Green Way to Insulate Basements

The ECOCELL blanket system is the ideal choice for crawlspace and unfinished basement insulation. Made from recycled and renewable fibers, ECOCELL blankets have superior thermal and noise absorption properties and are code compliant. 

ECOCELL blankets are Class A fire rated. Therefore, they can be left exposed and do not need to be covered with drywall, paneling or other material resulting in less cost for the consumer compared to other basement insulation materials.  

ECOCELL blankets contain no harmful airborne particles, and do not itch or irritate skin like  fiberglass insulation. Available in two convenient thicknesses and sizes and easy to install without requiring special equipment, ECOCELL blankets are the ideal insulation solution for unfinished areas or the do-it-yourself individual.

For homes or structures with finished spaces in the lower level or basements, Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation using the WALLSEAL system is a solution for the sidewalls and exterior walls.  

FAQs about ECOCELL Basement Insulation

Very green, easy to install, non-itch, cost-effective, does not need to be covered with gypsum, great sound absorber. 

ECOCELL Blankets are available in 1.5″ and 2.5″ thicknesses and come in 48″ x 96″ or 48″ x 108″ sizes. 

The R-value of a 1.5″ blanket is R-6 and the R-value of a 2.5″ blanket is R-10. 

ECOCELL is made from recycled and renewable fibers, the majority being recycled paper. It takes far less energy to produce ECOCELL than to produce foam (petroleum base) and fiberglass (melting sand in gas furnaces). 

Yes, ECOCELL is recognized by all of the current building codes in the United States. ECOCELL has been tested by UL and evaluated by ICC-ES. Testing information is available at (ESR-2921) and

No, ECOCELL meets the required ASTM testing for moisture absorption. If ECOCELL blankets get wet, they dry out more quickly than other insulation materials. 

ECOCELL blanket insulation also contains an EPA registered fungicide that resists the growth of mold even in conditions favorable to mold growth. 

Yes! ECOCELL Blankets can be left exposed or even painted. Unlike other insulation materials, ECOCELL does not have to be covered with gypsum board. Leaving ECOCELL exposed is another reason ECOCELL is the cost effective solution for insulating basements and crawlspaces. 

Yes, 2×2 or 2×4 studs, cavity insulation (including ECOCELL), and gypsum board an be installed in front of ECOCELL blankets. 

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    ECOCELL blanket insulation

    ECOCELL blankets are commonly used to insulate basements, crawlspaces, poured concrete and cement block rooms and other areas where framing and wallboard are not desired. Easy to install, ECOCELL blankets are an ideal choice for insulating and meet code requirements.

    ECOCELL batt and blanket insulation

    ECOCELL products are made from a combination of recycled and renewable fibers, the majority being recycled newspaper.

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