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Eco Friendly Nu Wool Company

Over 70 years ago, Nu-Wool Co., Inc. began using recycled newspaper to manufacture its environmentally safe and effective cellulose insulation. Today, Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation is still one of the GREENEST insulation products in the marketplace with its low embodied energy, high recycled content and superior energy saving performance.

Nu-Wool Sustainability By the Numbers...

50 %

Recycled Content


tons of recycled paper each year


Trees in an avg. Nu-Wool Insulated New Home

The recycled content of Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation is 86%, with 65% of that being post-consumer recycled newspaper. Nu-Wool processes more than 20,000 tons of recycled paper into insulation products each year. Nu-Wool takes pride knowing that we use non-virgin materials for production and are annually helping prevent those 20,000 tons of paper from entering landfills, where it has the potential to pollute the environment. Recycling paper also reduces the number of trees used to produce new paper. The amount of Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation in an average sized new home is the equivalent of 39 trees!

The Eco-Friendly Insulation Choice

Using Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation is more than a smart choice for its comfort and savings benefit, it is the environmentally friendly choice for insulation. The manufacturing process of Nu-Wool results in less carbon emissions, because it takes at least 10 times MORE energy to make fiberglass insulation than to produce cellulose insulation. 

The application process of Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation is also eco-friendly, because all excess sprayed insulation is brushed off the wall and then vacuumed up to be reused resulting in no product waste. Even the product bags can be recycled!

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How to Buy Nu-Wool

Nu-Wool Insulation products are available for professional install by a certified installer or can be purchased at select lumberyards and retailers for DIY install.

Energy Savings Calculator


The use of this calculator is limited to comparisons between energy costs of example homes only. The numbers shown do not represent actual dollar amounts or dollar savings from Nu-Wool Co., Inc. Your savings may vary. The calculations are based on typical new home construction, state average utility costs, new high efficiency HVAC systems, and typical weather for the state selected. These numbers do not include base utility costs such as water heating, lights, and appliances. If you have questions, please contact the Nu-Wool technical department at (616) 669-0100.