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WALLSEAL Fire and Sound Insulation FTC Factsheet
403.62 KB
Acoustical Performance, Architects, Commercial Construction, Firewalls, Sidewalls, Testing Library
UL Evaluation Report – UL ER80780-01
80.12 KB
Testing Library
UL Classification R-8078 Fiber, Sprayed
25.90 KB
Testing Library
UL Classification R-8078-B Loose Fill Materials
27.84 KB
Testing Library
U382 Wall Assembly Ratings
1.59 MB
Testing Library
STC Ratings for Wood & Steel Assemblies
1.20 MB
Acoustical Performance, Architects, Premium Cellulose Insulation, Testing Library
Nu-Wool Retrofit Flyer
1.57 MB
Homeowners, Premium Cellulose Insulation
Nu-Wool Retrofit Flyer
1.57 MB
Attic, Premium Cellulose Insulation, Update Home
Nu-Wool Homeowners Flyer
2.21 MB
Attic, Commercial Construction, Homeowners, New Homes, Premium Cellulose Insulation, Sidewalls
Nu-Wool GREEN Flyer
1.66 MB
Homeowners, New Homes, Premium Cellulose Insulation
Nu-Wool FTC Fact Sheet
401.81 KB
Architects, Builders Contractors, Premium Cellulose Insulation, Testing Library
Energy Guarantee Information Sheet
14.86 MB
Builders Contractors, Homeowners, Premium Cellulose Insulation
Energy Care Cellulose Insulation Fact Sheet
406.81 KB
Testing Library, Update Home

    Energy Savings Calculator


    The use of this calculator is limited to comparisons between energy costs of example homes only. The numbers shown do not represent actual dollar amounts or dollar savings from Nu-Wool Co., Inc. Your savings may vary. The calculations are based on typical new home construction, state average utility costs, new high efficiency HVAC systems, and typical weather for the state selected. These numbers do not include base utility costs such as water heating, lights, and appliances. If you have questions, please contact the Nu-Wool technical department at (616) 669-0100.