Upgrade to Nu-Wool® and Protect Your Investment

Upgrade to Nu-Wool

A home doesn’t have to be old to signal inadequate insulation… in fact, many newer homes are perfect candidates for additional insulation. Protect your investment and upgrade to Nu-Wool Premium or Energy Care Cellulose Insulation that pays you back in multiple benefits… energy savings, controlled heat and air consumption, quietness and mold resistance. No matter where you live, Nu-Wool insulation products work around the clock, all year long, for the life of your home.

Any one of the following conditions can be an indicator of inadequate insulation:

  • Heating and cooling bills are high
  • Rooms in the house feel drafty or uncomfortably warm
  • The furnace or air conditioner runs constantly
  • Outside noise is audible inside the house
  • Snow melts quickly off the roof
  • Icicles and ice damming occur on the roof

Ice Dams

Ice dams not only indicate inadequate insulation, they can cause damage to the structure of the house. Heat escaping from the house through a poorly insulated attic warms the shingles on the roof, melting the snow, which runs down the roof to the eaves. Since the eaves overhang the house and are cold, the melted snow freezes when it reaches the eaves. When enough ice has formed at the eaves, it begins to stop or dam additional water from draining off the roof. The ice dam eventually grows under the shingles, causing melted snow to enter the ceilings and walls.

Determining Additional Insulation Needs

The best way to determine if you need additional insulation is to measure the depth of insulation currently in your attic. If there is less than R-49, (19 inches of blown fiber glass, or 12-13 inches of cellulose), you could benefit by adding more insulation to your attic. Adding either Nu-Wool Premium or Energy Care Cellulose Insulation on top of other types of insulation reduces air infiltration and improves the performance of your existing insulation.

If your attic has ample insulation and your home still feels drafty and cold in the winter, or too warm in the summer, the exterior walls may not be well insulated. Basements and crawl spaces need proper amounts of insulation as well. Of course, doors and windows should also be checked for air tightness.


Save on Energy Costs by Adding Insulation

Your professional Nu-Wool dealer can give you an idea of how much money you might save and how quickly those savings will pay for your investment in additional insulation. Instead of adjusting your thermostat to save money, add Nu-Wool Premium or Energy Care Cellulose Insulation to your home!

Leave the work to the professionals, contact your local Nu-Wool Retrofit Dealer today!

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