Energy Guarantee

Guaranteed Energy Program

Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation is so energy efficient, Nu-Wool Co., Inc. guarantees the heating and cooling bills on new homes built with Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation. Nu-Wool Co., Inc. has been offering guarantees on the energy performance of homes for over 25 years. We can offer this guarantee because Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation performs so consistently.  We know of no other insulation manufacturer that offers a similar guarantee without any additional charge.  If Nu-Wool stands behind its products so strongly, why don’t other insulation manufacturers?

How Does the Guarantee Work?

Key characteristics are entered into a computer program that calculates heating loads and the cost of heating based on fuel, weather data, efficiency of the heating system, and the air infiltration factor for the specific house. If only R-Values were used in the computations, homes with Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation would not heat or cool any differently than homes with fiberglass insulation. However, because it reduces air infiltration, Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation has a higher "Effective R-Value." As a result, Nu-Wool insulated houses heat and cool more efficiently.

Nu-Wool, through certified Nu-Wool WALLSEAL dealers, offers this Guaranteed Energy Program for new houses insulated with Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation at no cost to the homeowner or builder. Under this program, the heating and/or cooling bills are guaranteed for a period of three years. If the energy bills exceed the guaranteed amount, Nu-Wool Co., Inc. will reimburse the homeowner 50% of the overage.